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Nikki's Home from Home for Dogs

Established 2012 5 Star Rated

Leave your dogs with me for a worry free holiday,

Meet my Dogs

This is my darling angel Izzy, who we lost on 22nd July 2015. She is much loved and is sadly missed

Meet our 2 dogs, who are permenantly in residence. Bella is a soft, daft staffi, who gets on well with the dogs in our care. She is extremely well behaved, and tolerates having her ears chewed by the pups. She is also very caring and protective of her pack. She is very loving and loves cuddles, especially off of our owners, when they drop off/collect their dogs. She always greets you with a smile

Raif is a Beagle/Harrier cross who came to us from day care. He is a young dog, who loves to play, and run with the other dogs. He is very loving , and has just started to interact more with people. He love his toys, and is quite happy to share them. He is a typical hound at times, but that just makes him more loveable